Here at Deliciously Boxed, we have always believed in the beauty of food and the way it is presented - we eat with our eyes first. The box and packaging are, pardon the pun, the icing on the cake.

We exist to help bakers and master creators bring their beautiful
offerings to the world in the best possible light. From home chefs to
well-known stores, we can help showcase your goods.

Inspired by our neighbour who delivers glorious kids birthday cakes, in any theme requested, to her customers on a plate as she walks through the streets, we are here to help. You can do better than that!

We also believe strongly is looking after our planet. We want our catering boxes to be recycled and reused.

Finally, we always want to hear from you. What do you need? What will help? We know your time is best spent in the kitchen, so let us take care of the rest. Please drop us a note and tell us more.